Who We Are

Fresh Generation Foods

Fresh Generation Foods is committed to providing farm fresh fruits and vegetables and other local grocery items. Get the season’s finest produce, along with local, artisanal groceries, delivered to your doorstep.

Our Promise

From the farm to your door the produce is touched only three times. It is picked, it is packed, it is placed in your box. Leave the shopping to us. 

Fresh Generation Foods is the future of shopping and we look forward to serving your local community.

Our Story

We are a brother and sister team, Jake and Haley Boyajian, and we established Fresh Generation Foods to meet the needs of a changing world. We were born and raised in Half Moon Bay and we are passionate about connecting our community with high-quality foods.

Our dad, Bobby, has been in the produce industry for over 50 years. He owns and operates a 15,000 square foot warehouse where farm fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered daily. He supplies many fine grocery stores on the peninsula, in the south bay and in the east bay. You won’t find finer quality products than what Bobby buys after having established relationships with growers and packers in those 50 years.

We, the fresh generation, want to bring that quality, service and convenience to your community.

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